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Huameiyue weddingdress Co. Ltd. is a collection of dress processing design, production, sale andexport of the integrated professional wedding dress company, mainly engaged incustomizing high-end wedding dresses, evening gowns, wedding accessories and soon.
Our factory has beensupplying OEM service for more than 7 years, located in SuzhouCity of China. The export market mainlyconcentrates on North America, South America, Europe and MiddleEast and some other countries. As one of the leading manufacturers of weddingdresses in China, we arecooperating with some famous designers who are from America, Europe and Lebanon. In the process ofdevelopment, our company pays high attention to the quality and customers’ servicewith professional production teams to produce excellent dresses, and morededicated customers’ service team for customers. In order to make high-enddresses, we have been introducing high-tech CAD engraving
technology, it has improved the productquality and production efficiency. The heavy prestige defends the pledge, takelong-term cooperation as development targets!
Huameiyue WeddingDress Co. Ltd. sincerely hopes and focuses on the quality andefficiency of customers to work together!
Contact: E-mail:winnie@zzbridal.comTel: 0086 138 6204 6929