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Wedding Dress Hot Trendy in 2016(one)

  • Author:zzbridal
  • Source:zzbridal
  • Release on :2015-06-30

In modern society, wedding dress is not the traditional style any more affected by the concept “conciseness is fashion”. With the popularity of beach wedding and fields and garden wedding overseas, modern wedding dress has changed greatly. According to the latest wedding dress design from the international wedding dress brands , 2015 wedding dress did not focus on luxurious wedding dress style any more, but focus on simple and clean styles. Minimalism has become the latest pursuit of international designers, which threw away restrictions and fetters from the traditional wedding dress and started to focus on exquisite cut workmanship. Minimalism is a good choice for brides who want to wear simple and comfortable wedding dress, but can reflect their elegance and pretty.

For example, ball gown wedding dress do not have exaggerate skirt that weights a lot any more. However, the ball gown wedding dress focus on using slim and graceful fabric to make brides more comfortable and relaxed, as if a fairy when they wear the ball gown wedding dress with the minimalism style, which means many tiered and exaggerate skirt are being replaced by the latest design from international designers.