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Kinds of lace for dresses

  • Author:zzbridal
  • Source:zzbridal
  • Release on:2017-09-27

Today ,I want tointroduce some kinds of lace for dresses.when customers send

Design and letus make,they do not know that use which kinds of lace,today I show

some lace foryou .

1、Thin softlace(it is not suitable for make dress without long tail,because the length isnot enough)

2、thick full lace(these kinds of lace is thick andexpensive,if you want to make dresses with long tail,just can add seam andcover by lace applique)

3、French lace (this kind of lace is not thick)

4、Alenconlace(the kind of lace is not very thick and has more lace shape.can use alldresses.)

5、guipure lace(the kinds of lace can use all dress)

And have otherkinds of lace ,if you have new design and do not know that use

which kinds oflace,pls feel free to ask us and we will give you best advice!